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Fitness Pays!

Fitness and Health Pays
By Sara & MCB Media Team

Most people know how to help conserve energy and reduce waste by doing things like turning out the lights in empty rooms, recycling and using refillable water bottles. These are all important steps that we can feel good about, but many “green” solutions can be expensive. We’d like to work with you on an article about the eco-friendly way to “make Earth Day every day” that actually saves money: biking. Riding a bike for fitness or transportation reduces the rider’s ‘carbon footprint’ and increases the dollars in his or her wallet:

Biking for Fitness CO2 Emissions Dollar Cost
Treadmill Indoors (30 minutes) 448.7 grams $4.83
Biking Outdoors (30 minutes)
78.3 grams $2.13
Total Savings by Biking (per 30-minute session) 370.4 grams $2.70

Data above for a single 30-minute exercise session based on a person averaging 3 exercise sessions per week lasting 30 minutes each.

Biking for Transportation CO2 Emissions Dollar Cost
Car 165.9 grams per mile $0.58 per mile
Bus 61.8 grams per mile $0.14 per mile
Bike 12.9 grams per mile $0.10 per mile
Total Savings by Biking 48.9 to 153 grams per mile $0.04 to $0.48 per mile

By biking, people can make a consistent positive impact on the environment that comes with some extra cash. Maybe it’s used to buy a latte (in a reusable cup, of course) or some local, organic foods that weren’t previously in the budget – but it’s a rewarding way to “make Earth Day every day.” We’d like to share this information with your audience along with 3 of the best local bike routes for commuting or riding for fitness so they know exactly where to start.

Gym Membership Statistics:
Average Operating Cost of Bicycle:
The Carbon Footprint of Daily Activities:
New Study Compares Bicycling’s CO2 Emissions to Other Modes:
Commuter Driving Statistics:

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