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Fitter at 50

FitView: Fitter at 50
By Efren Martinez

Last month I turned 50 years young and I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been in my life. It’s taken me 15 years of a dedicated healthy lifestyle that included a strict diet and long hours of fitness to be fit at 50. Sure I’ve had a few fitness injuries and fractured bones from training for various runs and Triathlons but it goes along with the territory if your going to be a competitive Athlete of any kind. Oh sure I still ache at times like anyone who’s put in so many long hours of extreme fitness. Outside of that I’m the kind of healthy man that my doctor tells me that would put him out of business and he’s OK with that. Friends I have good news for you. You too can become a healthier you at any age! As many of you know I once weighted in over twice as much as I do now and smoked like a freight train till the age of 34. If you smoke, you can repair your lungs. Just quit! If you’re overweight and have health issues, you can lose the weight and get healthier over time. Our bodies and the time we spend taking care of them is the most God-given blessing we have. No I’m not saying you have to spend vast amounts of time working out nor do you have to live a life of eating nothing but healthy food that taste like cardboard. Well not unless you want to. No matter what age you are right now you should give it some serious thought. If the idea of living and enjoying a retired life without pain, pills and spending loads of money in doctor visits sounds good to you then educate yourself to the fullest on how you can reach this lovely goal at whatever age you’d like to retire. As for me, I’ll keep racing for the finish line for a continued healthy and happy lifestyle.

A beginners workout

• 20 bodyweight squats.
• 10 push-ups.
• 20 walking lunges.
• 10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug)
• 15-second plank.
• 30 jumping Jacks.
• 3 x 10 Squats would look like this: 10 Squat



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