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FitView- Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows
By Efren Martinez
On Sunday, March 29th, many of you will be chasing shadows at The Modesto Marathon and your Quake DJ in fitness will be there once again to send you off with some energetic beats as well as welcome you back at the finish line. The Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon (SAMM) is the largest sporting event in our city and regardless if you are a runner or not, there is a great deal of family-friendly excitement that takes place every year. For me it is not only the energy that flows from my woofers and tweeters at the start line, but also the emotional impact it has on me as a runner. Last year a few of you struggled with those final steps across the finish line. As a tri-athlete I know your pain well, and when a runner approached me in a daze, I didn’t think twice to spring out of my chair to catch his fall. Within the last 5 years of me being your Entertainer and Emcee, I’ve seen and learned a great deal of wonderful things as our marathon has grown. Just recently, I asked a few fellow runners what they enjoyed most about The Modesto Marathon.

For 72-year-old JC Cox, “The most exciting experience is at the start with all the contestants crossing the start line and the crowd cheering us on followed by hearing our names announced as we cross the finish line.” This year JC will be attending the marathon not as a runner, but as a volunteer bike monitor.

For 35-year-old Jamie Loftis, her favorite thing about the SAMM is the support of her fellow runners. “There is such a high comradery between the competitors. It is less of a competition and more of a system of people working with you to better yourself. Everyone is so friendly, from the runners to the bystanders; it creates a wonderful buzz of energy.” This year Jamie will give the full marathon another go, but with the 50 mile run (AR50) she has scheduled the following week, Jamie shared with me, “It would probably be a better decision to run the half marathon for the SAMM because I have such a huge race the next weekend. At this point I am waging a war between what is a smart decision and what would be a blow to my pride.”

For 39-year-old Marty Bicek, he loves the flat, fast course with the one little hill known to us runners as Mount Modesto, which is the Briggsmore bridge overpass. Marty went on to tell me, “The organization of this event is top-notch and [it’s] put together nicely. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. The pace runners give everyone an idea as to where they should be on their times. The live music out on the course is great too, because it gets our mind off what our body is going through.”

Marathon Tips:
Start to hydrate with water 3 days prior to race day.
Recovery is key! Don’t run for at least 3 days prior to your race.
The morning of the race, keep your muscles clothed and warm until the start.
As your Modesto View fitness editor, my best advice is to have a positive attitude for your race. Trust in your training, you so got this race! Enjoy the moment and have a smile on your face as you run under me, the DJ, at the start line. I’ll be there to greet you with open arms as your announcer when you come back. Have a good safe and fun run! I’m proud of you!



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