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FitView – Dusty Bottoms

By Efren Martinez

Dusty Bottoms Trail Runners

Originally founded in 2013 by a group of friends that ran together on the weekends, this is not your ordinary running club. All of their members have a laid back view on running. This means less to do with “tempo runs” & “fartleks” and more about trail runs, dusty bottoms and brewery’s after the their runs. This would explain why the Dusty Bottoms running club has grown to be one of the most popular running clubs in our area. After speaking with the President of the club, Jeff Rowe, I quickly learned that stepping out of the norm from any other club is what also makes them so popular. The Dusty Bottoms club welcomes everyone, all runners, walkers and cyclists, and they are not age restricted, so any age can join. Heck, from what Jeff tells me, “we’ve even had someone out on a pogo stick. No joke.”

The Dusty Bottoms Running Club has grown tremendously since they’ve started, but they are still very proud that they’ve managed to maintain their “team” atmosphere. Proudly, whenever all the members show up for a race or go on a training run out of town, you hear a lot of “Go DB!”. Their logo is pretty recognizable and is becoming well known at local races as well as around the running trails locally. In fact you can’t miss who’s a Dusty Bottom member at a race/run. They all have the reputation of being the loudest and most spirited people on any course anywhere. The group is also known for keeping the party going until their last runner comes in, regardless of the conditions. According to Jeff, it’s who they are as a running club.

The Dusty Bottoms Running Club is a non-profit club which also prides on raising money to support our friends at the Center for Human Services. Runners, if you’re looking for a running club that has more to do with laid back running, beer, fundraising, trail runs with a party like atmosphere, I’d invite you to check out Dusty Bottoms running club. They have group runs regularly and generally meet back after every run at a local pub for some beers and socials. For more information on this exciting running club, visit them at and like them here.
Cheers to your health with a dusty bottom!
On June 11th it the Mi-Wuk 10K & 5K. These trail races will surly wakeup your fitness. For more info visit



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