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FitView – Healthy Golden Years

Healthy Golden Years
by Efren Martinez

Even though I’ve been known to be able to hold my own on the bike and in a foot race at age 46, I can’t help but come to the realization that I’m just a few years away from turning 50. I just recently I hooked up with Kim Viviano, from The Healthy Aging Association, in regards to the programs they offer to those who are 50 and over. Looking forward to the future, I feel that the more knowledge I have right now in regards to aging will help me when it’s game time in my senior years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way saying that when I turn 50 it’s time turn in my bicycle for a scooter. I’m saying that aging can be a healthy, happy and fun part of one’s life. On Friday, October 17th, I’ll be attending the Healthy Aging Summit at The Centre Plaza in Modesto. This Event is free to the community and is specifically targeted to those who are 50 and over so that they may continue to live a healthy lifestyle through various services and education that will be offered there.

Being 50 plus can be just be a number, especially when it comes to my friend Dave Enz. Dave won’t be slowing down any time soon. Dave’s 60 years young and is very active in kayaking, enjoys after dinner walks and his preferred choice of fitness is bicycling. In fact he loves riding his bike so much that he and my good buddy, Ed Battisfore, just celebrated their two-year anniversary as the business owners of the Oakdale Bike Shop in Oakdale. Dave’s made it a point to educate others of all ages, especially in his age group, of just how important it is to stay active and safe while riding the bike. Both he an Ed lead 4 different bike ride levels a week that range from distance and speeds to cater to all fitness levels. Dave is also very active in our community.

When he’s not working at the Oakdale Bike Shop or leading a group ride, you’ll find Dave volunteering for various charity rides like the upcoming Fruit Yard Century bicycle fitness event on October 11th at The Fruit Yard in Waterford. This charity bicycle event sports 3 distances and both Dave and Ed will proudly be there offering their support. Dave’s fitness message to the folks 50 and older, “Focus on staying flexible, walking, stretching and palates along with a cycling routine is a great way to keep you strong and fit.”

The Oakdale Bike Shop would like to invite you to any one of their free bike socials. They happen the last  Friday of each month from 6pm-9pm. This is an event to get all of the seasoned and beginner riders together to talk all things bicycle, play with all the new bikes and accessories at the shop, and to make new ride connections with friends. Snacks and drinks are always served and it is open to everyone, regardless of where you purchased your bike. October Fitness Event The Fruit Yard Cycling Event info @



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