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FitView – Old Guys Rule

By Efren Martinez

Old Guys Rule

I met Alton Raibfe at the Oakdale Library 5K and 1 mile run last February. At first when I saw him, I thought to myself “This older guy shouldn’t be out here cheering on the runners! It’s windy, cold and raining!” Much to my surprise, Alton wasn’t there as a spectator, but as a racer.

Quickly my heart filled with joy along with amazement. Here I am, at the starting line with some of the most hard-core runners I know and next to all of us is Alton, 96 years old. Make no mistake friends, it takes a certain kind of person to want to get out of a warm bed so early in the morning only to be up to race in such horrible weather conditions. Alton (like the rest of us on that starting line) is that kind of a person. He is a hard-core racer. With little to no competition in his age group, he ended up taking 1st place. For me, I like to think that he not only took first place in this race, but also first place when it comes to motivating and inspiring others to live a healthier life at any age.

Alton’s story is a special one. Two years ago he landed at Dale Commons, which is an assisted living home, after he became very sick. He, like the other 100’s of men and women who live there, enjoy the best of care, rehabilitation and physical fitness this facially has to offer. They even have a quarter-mile walking track on site. Soon after living there, Alton started to feel stronger. He wasted no time in getting his body moving once again to a healthier state. He first hit the Dale Commons track; easy with short walks to the first marker. It wasn’t long after that his distances started to get farther and farther with each day passing till he conquered his quarter-mile track. Now what? You guessed it, when you run out of road you just run that road again and again and once more for good measure. Today Alton walks his quarter-mile loop several times a day averaging 2-3 miles a day.

Let me remind some of you once again, Alton is 96 going on 97 years young this year! He was in poor health when he arrived at the assisted living center 2 years ago. It was his will to get healthy for himself, his family and friends. Congratulations on taking 1st place in your age division Alton! I’m proud to know you. You are an inspiration to me and a testament to all regarding what they can do at any age. For more information on how you can stay active after 50, visit our friends at The Healthy Aging Society online at or come out to “The Age With Movement Celebration” on Friday, May 1st, at East La Loma Park from 8am to 12pm.
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