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FitView – Results

FitView By Efren Martinez Results

I often get approached by my many of my friends in fitness when it comes to tips with weight loss, endurance and the most popular one, seeing results. If you’ve plateaued in your fitness, then you are not alone. The biggest struggle most have when it comes to exercising is seeing the results they want. Sure, your following the program and being consistent, but that might not be enough if you want to get that body you often see in those glamour magazines.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but most of those beautiful perfect body images you see in the media are for the most part airbrushed and photo shopped to perfection. Although it’s not impossible to achieve a well defined body structure, it’s not as easy as the media paints it out to be. First let’s recognize your body type and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think you all are beautiful. Now, lets work on you believing exactly what I think of you, you are beautiful at whatever size or shape you are. Now that we see ourselves and others as beautiful, lets talk about getting some noticeable results.

As a certified fitness instructor, I’ve not only studied fitness but also nutrition and what it takes to get very lean for speed or well defined for strength. Let’s get back to noticeable results, regardless if you’re a man who’s looking to sport your old high school jeans or a woman who would like to fit comfortably into her bikini for the next family holiday, it’s going to take some good old fashioned smelly sweat. All too often while I’m at my gym, I can’t help but notice many of my friends reading a magazine, talking on their cell phone or just causally watching TV while they are on an exercise machine. That’s all fine and dandy if your fitness goals are where you’d like them to be. But for those who are looking to get a hard body with some jaw dropping buns of steal, you need to really get after your workout. I’m saying, put down the magazine, put away your phone and work that exercise machine as if you wanted to break it. When I get off an exercise machine, my body is drenched in sweat and my heart had been hovering at around 85% to 95% of maximum heart rate. When I go into the gym, I know it’s hammer time and you should too.

Knowing how hard I’ll workout, I always take an extra shirt so that when I’m done using the cardio machine, I’ll do a quick change out before I move onto the free weights. In short, just don’t do it, hammer it! Between that and your proper nutrition you should be able to see some results within the first week.

Fitness Tips Always clear it with your doctor before starting any kind of fitness program. If possible use a chest heart rate monitor to make sure you stay at or above 65% during your cardio workout. Be courteous, wipe off your exercise machine after you use it. Stretch before and after your workout. Eat slow & never overfeed your hunger. Keep healthy snacks ready and available they will keep you from grabbing the wrong foods. Fitness events for September. Cancer Awareness Run & Ride<> Peace Officers Memorial Run<>

Memorial Medical Center Cancer Awareness Run & Ride Sept 20th MJC West Campus Medic Alert Health & Fitness Fair in Turlock September 27th 2323 Colorado Ave Peace Officers Memorial Run Sept 28th it’s a 1/2 marathon & a 5K Corner of I Street & 11th

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