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You walk into the gym and you’re faced with many choices of what fitness machines would benefit you the most. In this Fitview, I will do a quick run down on a few of the most efficient and dangerous exercise machines at your gym.

Lets start out with the most beneficial and safest fitness machine. My first pick would be the elliptical. It’s safe, effective as well as easy on your body. On an elliptical machine. not only are you working out your legs but also your core, arms, balance and you’re getting one heck of a cardio workout. I give it a five-start rating when it comes to safety. Unlike a treadmill, the elliptical has very little impact on your knees and joints and it’s being powered by you, not a motor that can have you at the mercy of its control. By far, the elliptical would be my first choice when it comes to a safe efficient workout.

My next choice would be a spin bike, just like the elliptical, it too is being powered by you and not a motor that may keep you going at an uncontrollable pace if you get tired. It’s simple, if you get tired, you can slow down because you’re always in control on a spin bike or an elliptical verses a fitness machine that is being powered by motor. Many gyms now offer spin classes daily and it’s a great alternative for those who suffer from mild pain, joint degeneration or if you just have trouble standing for long periods of time. Spinning, it’s a great workout, safe and easy on your body unlike running.

That brings me to running, running is actually my preferred fitness exercise, but what I have learned from a variety of studies is that after mile 8 our bodies start to go into degeneration. This means that our knees are starting to slowly deteriorate, our internal organs start to feel the stress and our varicose veins start to be more noticeable as we age. It’s important to realize that when we run, our feet take a pounding and the impact that they sustain can be as much as 5 times our own body weight.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to run, but realize that my days of running fast are numbered. This is why I choose to run on a treadmill for half of the miles I put on in a week. The treadmill gives me a softer base to run on. It does have its drawbacks when it comes to safety though. Bottom line, the treadmill has to be the most risky machine out there next to the revolving motorized Stairmaster. These machines require caution and attention. When you’re on a treadmill, you are literally running to a set speed and your whole body is in motion so there is very little room for catching yourself if youaccidentally miss on one of your steps or when you get tired. Just remember, when choosing a fitness machine at the gym or even considering buying one, look at the overall safety, efficiency and what machine will have the less impact of stress on your bodies when you get your fitness on.

Stay fit and train safe.



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