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ChefView Handmade for My Mouth!

Chef View
By Dana Johnson

Handmade For My Mouth!

HANDMADE: def. made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.

That is an accurate description of the tortillas made right before your eyes, heading straight for your mouth, and a sensation for your taste buds at Rancho Fresco (RF) Mexican Grill! Yes, I’ll say it… these tortillas will blow your mouth’s mind!

Good thing for downtown patrons that Ismael Covarrubias, owner of RF, was so compliant with local law enforcement, fire department, and those from the Grayson Training Center that they insisted he open a second location more conveniently located for their RF burrito fix! This new location on J St. has only been open 2 months and is another success. The original location on Crow Landing is also available if you think like me, breakfast at one & lunch or dinner at the other, right?!

Ismael is the father of 2 beautiful girls (I saw the photos), manages, cooks, cleans, & embraces every function in his restaurants, while he occasionally makes time dine at his other favorite restaurants including Vito’s and Raw Sushi Bistro with his girlfriend. Ismael is proud to prepare and serve all his Mom’s (Teresa) original recipes on his authentic Mexican menu. Yes, she understands Dana~licious with the verde sauce that slathered my seasoned beef enchilada and custom burrito with fresh ingredients. You can top it all off with beer including (Dust Bowl), wine, or wine margaritas!

Chef Jorge is the unintentional RF slogan maker “Who’s Next?” which originated at the 1st location when he was swamped with a crowd taking orders faster than a machine, his only reply was “Who’s Next?!”

Thank you to Rancho Fresco for supporting and promoting numerous local charities to everyone that comes by, including DID, Veteran’s Hall, and he donates his banquet room to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Mo View signature question, Beatles or Stones? Ismael, “Beatles”, Really? He said “oh ya Paul McCartney is the man”, he obviously didn’t understand my question; I didn’t ask what man he admires! He is regretting his answers & wishes he said Stones!

Writing the Chef View each month for the Modesto View is rewarding in some many ways, especially getting to meet Modesto’s hard working culinary employees, getting fed like a queen, and having the privilege to share my finds with the loyal Mo Viewers and patrons of Modesto and the surrounding communities. Please know at my Thanksgiving table I will give thanks to everyone for this opportunity that truly enriches my life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana~licious Original Triple Rancho Fresco Burrito
(Just request it! Not on menu yet!)
Can’t decide between the fire grilled chicken, fire grilled steak,
& the chile verde pork? Order all 3 in one flavorful burrito rolled

with your choice of other fresh ingredients like cilantro, guac , etc..!

Rancho Fresco 2 locations: Happy Hour M-F 3pm-7pm & All day Sun

Enjoy 7 TV’s and the NFL Ticket!

1008 J Street Modesto (NEW!)


Mon.-Thurs. 7am-10pm

Fri. & Sat. 7am-3am!

Sun. 8am-10pm

4955 Crows Landing Road Modesto




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