Gathering of the Tribes

Photo of Primus courtesy of Paul Guerrero

After 2 Failed attempts at a interview with Mr Les Claypoll I went back to the school of total gonzo journalism and file this report…

Primus at Modesto center Plaza was the most anticipated event that I can remember since I started in the music community many moons ago. Everyone within 50 miles of Modesto has been in a buzz about this show and I saw alot of people that I haven’t seem in years amongst the throng of people that made up the line of people that came to see Primus this quiet Summer Sunday evening. After 3 dates with with funk legends Fishbone we were treated to an evening with Primus.

This was a unique affair where people that grew up on this legendary band brought the next generation and kept them in loop of the happenings of these Bay Area icons. Just before the show started I noticed a guy walking around in a certain looking pig mask and just after Primus took the stage lead singer Les Claypool mentioned that that PIG mask had been stolen amongst a few other items and the guy who did it went to the very front row and the crew caught him red handed he spent the night in jail. Primus delivered in spades playing a set of their famous songs and b sides mixed with songs from their latest release.

It was very cool to see fathers and sons as well as daughters all singing along to the same songs we all grew up to. With songs like Southbound packaderm, Pudding Time, My name is Mud sometimes the crowd singing along was louder than the PA System people that I haven’t seen since grade school that never ever come out to concerts in Modesto all came to this packed concert and took part in the unity with a very light security presence I saw no fights and their was self policed mosh pits and everyone got along their was no hate in the room only positive vibes. After a short break that consisted of very old Popeye cartoons and lots of smoke Primus returned for another hour and a half set. Les Claypool’s tone was so clear that it made their music so crystal clear and fluid. Matched with the high pitched mastery of Larry “LERR” Lalond’s guitar playing this was a show that nobody that attended will ever forget.

With every song that went by I saw another old friend from Primus shows past many who brought their kids and friends from bands that no longer exsist it was a room full of bass players one joked but the overwhelming theme of the evening was positivity and good vibes everyone had a smile as they sang along with songs like American Life, Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver along with more new songs Primus did not disappoint the crowd of Central Valley faithful that waited years since their last show here in Modesto since 1989.

Overall this was probably the best show ever too take place here in Modesto and the people that attended will tell stories of this show for the rest of their lives. many thanks to Chris and Ruben for this assignment.



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