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Gene Winfield Still Creating Classic Cars

Gene Winfield
By Chris Murphy

Beginning in a chicken coop converted to a garage on Modesto’s west side at 1309 Figaro Street, the legendary Gene Winfield honed his skills in designing amazing car creations and pioneered world-changing paint finishes and creating custom hot rods. His shop behind MJC at 451 Tully Road was the birthplace of some of the most famous car creations for TV and movies and even developed custom space ships for Star Trek.

Modesto is still home to classic car customizer shops and newer shops like Neville Brothers, Burnside Body Shop, and Graffiti Classic Customs in Turlock. Customizing cars is in the blood and never fades and Gene Winfield is still active and cutting up cars and pushing his creations to the edge. Gene visits Modesto regularly and remains close friends with many Century Toppers.

Gene will be attending the unveiling of the Walk of Fame for the Century Toppers on the 10th, will be a champion of the Kiwanis Cruise Parade on the 12th and he will even be chopping a car live at the Kiwanis American Graffiti Car Show on the 13th and 14th out at Muni Golf Course




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