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Gin Blossoms Mr. Tambourine Man

Mr. Tambourine Man
By Efren Martinez

Gin Blossoms
The Gin Blossoms came on stage at The Gallo Center in Modesto with an exciting and carefree crow. The most freewill show I’ve ever been to.

The band was a collective of 5 this time with the lead singer using every bit of the stage for his performance. In fact he actually came out into the audience teetering on the dividers that sectioned out the orchestra area next to the stage. At one point he looked as if he was on a gymnastic balance beam and the crowd loved it as he moved amongst the fans with several of his tamberines. I’m not exactly sure how many he had, but it was more then a few as he gave several away to the audience during his performance.

As a photojournalist I appreciated the bands free will and relaxed photo policy. This is how I was able to bring you and The Modesto View such great photos of their performance. Big thanks to The Gallo Center for bringing such great shows to Modesto; Lynn Dickerson and the rest of her staff continue to amaze us with these awesome and affordable shows. On November 28th don’t miss Chris Isaac at The Gallo Center with his huge Christmas Show.

For a complete list of Gallo shows, visit the link here.

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Robin Wilson
Jesse Valenzuela
Scott Johnson
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