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Graffiti Summer 2015

Graffiti Summer 2015
By Chris Murphy

This is who we are Modesto USA. We need to let our Graffiti flag fly all year long and welcome this feeling that takes us back to the class of ’62. We need to tell our friends, or business travelers, our students, our senators and everyone that will listen, “ModestoUSA is the home of American Graffiti”. Thanks to Modesto native and very successful film maker George Lucas, American Graffiti made Modesto famous, and launched many film careers and a wave of nostalgia that we are still riding today. It is good for our soul, it is good for our economy and it makes us a special place that should be a destination for people around the world and Graffiti Summer is our time of the year. People from around the world come to Modesto to get their own slice of ModestoCana, feel our Graffiti spirit and be a part of our Graffiti Summer events. This is who we are so let’s celebrate being the birthplace of Graffiti, Modesto USA!



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