Greetings & Happy New Year

Greetings Modesto Friends!

Time is slippin’ slippin’ slippin’.. into the future.
Steve Miller sang it right when we think about how much is happening, and how fast the world is spinning these days. I am shaking my head thinking about how fast this last year blew by. ModestoFriends, we did some cool stuff this year and I am so proud of our ViewCrew team. We created and launched the Modesto Walk of Fame in 10th St Place. Along with the Historic Cruise Route. we now have a really cool tourist attraction for our American Graffiti history. In December, we brought our retro Christmas Holidays back to down with Modesto Rockin’ Holiday complete with Rockin’ Santa, Rockin’ North Pole, Rockin’ Snow and more. These are the first new holiday decorations since the ‘70s. This was a huge team effort. Our new location on J St is bringing art, neon and music to our downtown core teaming with the Peer Recovery Gallery.

Our ViewCrew writers not only write about what is happening in our community, but they are creating what is happening. They created The MAMA Awards, MUMFest, Thrashocalypse, Studio Art tours, Women’s Music Festivals, Rockabilly Shows, Brew Ha Ha Comedy, Luckyfest, Summoning and so much more. That is what makes ModestoView so fun and so different. We are making things happen that change our community and for this I am so proud. Can’t wait to see what we are going to accomplish in 2015.

I am excited for our future. I am excited for the things we can all do together. The economy is on the upswing, and we have new leadership at the City of Modesto with City Manager Jim Holgersson who believes in community teamwork. Our downtown is coming to life block by block and business by business. We are a city that loves music, good food, interesting culture and we can be a beacon for central California on creating a great city to live and work. ModestoView is there for local business day in and day out. We are all about living local and celebrating the people that make good things happen. I like that and hope you do too.

Most of all, I look forward to great times with my family in 2015. In so many ways, we all start over every single day when we wake up. What will we do? Who will we meet? What new direction can we go together? What traditions are important? How can we be more loving and caring people? I am excited to be a Father of the Bride in 2015 for Madison, I am excited to be a Father of a Cal Berkeley student for Abigail and I am so happy to be the Husband of my talented wife Rebecca and look forward to so many new and creative experiences together.

I look forward to enjoying my Modesto friends and experiences and look forward to creating new ones and brining more crazy ideas like Rockin’ Holiday to life.

Best to all of you, your businesses, your health and your families in 2015.

Chris Murphy
Founder and Publisher, ModestoView>



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About the Author:

Chris Murphy is the President and CEO of Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group and Publisher and Founder of ModestoView Inc. Chris worked globally in the cycling industry returning to Modesto in 1996. He is also the founder of the Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route, Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame, Modesto Rockin’ Holiday, the Modesto Music History Organization and co-founder of the Modesto Area Music Association. Chris is married to his artist wife Rebecca since 1985 and has two daughters Madison and Abigail, both graduating from Modesto High and UC Berkeley. He is lead singer and guitarist for his band, Third Party that donates their performances to non-profits.