Happy Hour Kickball Coming

Happy Hour Kickball By Darin Wissner

Remember those days on the school playground when you had a chance to kick the giant red rubber ball? Those days are back with Happy Hour Kickball! Even if you were the last kid picked, this game is for you! Here is your chance to show you can compete and redeem your schoolyard days.

(It’s) Just A Game Events is a Modesto business bringing back the opportunity to “Re-Create” the kid in you by means of “Social Recreation”. What could be more social than adult (21 and over) Kickball!?

Happy Hour Kickball will be conducting one day events in Modesto starting with the Kickball Fete’ on Sunday, April 22nd at Enslen Park in Modesto. This one-day event will start off the Happy Hour kickball season. Costumes required! Dress up in beach attire, as an ‘80’s rock star, a super hero, toga, whatever!

The cost is minimal as it is a per player charge. You can signup as an individual or as a team. No equipment is necessary (except for maybe a hockey helmet for protection!) Trust me, as this is absolutely hilarious! Even funnier than seeing your reserved co-worker trying to kick a red rubber ball and failing is seeing your reserved co-worker trying to kick a red rubber ball in a Batman outfit and failing!

So grab your co-workers, brother-in-law, neighbor, sister, husband, uncle, or whomever and bring a picnic and watch the insanity! For more information log onto www.JustAGameEvents.com or facebook.com/JustAGameEvents and lets kick this!



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