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Hey Bartender – Maddy Olds

Hey Bartender
By Maddy Olds

So a guy walks into the bar….

I love people and this is the main reason I’m a bartender. It has nothing to do with the party life or the life of a bartender. I love to talk to people. I feel kind of like a psychiatrist. Bartending is really fun, and I like to try to guess what it is they might want. You can kind of get a flavor of what people are like. Sometimes I am right, sometimes I am wrong but if I have seen you once, I will never forget your drink.

I like making all of the traditional drinks. One night, I had a man who was about 90 come in and order an Old Fashioned, and he was skeptical that I could make the proper drink. He said “I’m having one and done”. So I went on my way and I looked over and the drink was gone. So he asked me for another one. I was so proud that he liked that drink. He had four of them. Made my night.

I love to make vodka drinks and that is my go to drink. If someone asks me to “make them something”, I will lead with a vodka drink. One of the strangest drinks I ever made was a Vodka and Campari, and I wondered why would anyone want to do that. I made it and he loved it. But one of my favorite things to make is the Boardroom Kitty. I tell them to be very careful as they are really good and they taste like a Starburst. Recipe is a secret, but I make a lot of them.

I love what I do and when you come here, you never have an unhappy Maddy. I love to be around people and the Boardroom is a great place to be. We are here for the old school, the new school and great get togethers. See you here.

Madison Olds
The Boardroom
1528 J St Modesto



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