History of Rock n Roll – Part 5

The History of Rockabilly and Rock and Roll

Series Continued By Chris Murphy

We are on a wild and fun historical roll and the people of Modesto USA are getting hip to the fact that not only are we the home of American Graffiti, we are one of the birthplaces of Rock n’ Roll. I know, I keep pinching myself too. It is so very exciting to make presentations to local groups and see the reaction when they learn our history that has been right there below the surface all these years. Last month, we did a great presentation to the Modesto Rotary Club and featured the music of Tony T and Rockin’ Rick. So many people in town have a story about the early Maddox Brothers and Rose days.

It is so very exciting as the legendary 91 year old K.C. “Don Juan” Maddox is alive and well and still making music. Don will be here in Modesto receiving the Lifetime Achievement MAMA Award on October 23. Not only will he be receiving the award, he will be leading an epic jam with our amazing local rockabilly musicians. This will be a historic event.

We have started a new site dedicated to the Modesto Music history and you are invited to contribute and help tell our story. We are looking for old pictures, posters, ads and anything related to the early days of Modesto Rockabilly from 1937-1955

Please check out www.modestomusichistory.com



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