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InterView Modesto is loaded with musical talent. If you are reading this and have not been to one of our restaurants or nightclubs to hear our local bands play, then you need to make a plan this very second to check out the MdoestoView event calendar and go see local music. You will be amazing and the variety and the incredible talent we have here.

One of the most accomplished musicians around is Joe Barretta. Joe has been on the burning up the blues, playing your favorites and deliveringpowerful acoustic performances. I had the honor of having Joe play in our band for a gig we did in San Diego and it was great to get to share the stage with him and see is talent in action and get to know him better. Let’s meet Joe Barretta.

ModestoView: When did you start playing guitar? Joe Barretta: I Started playing and signing around 5 years old. I first startedplaying by ear, then taking lessons around 8 years old.

MV: What song inspired you most when you were young? JB: There were many. The usual of course, House of the Rising Sun, Gloria, Wipe Out. Then on to the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin. The list goes on.

MV:You have recorded in Nashville with some very special people, tell us about that? JB: I played in a band around here in the 90s with Bassist Mark Polack. We became really good friends over the years. Mark moved out to Nashville and startedplaying around Nashville. Mark is also a great recording engineer. Mark hasworked with many wellknown artists. So he is always inviting me out to Nashville to record. I recorded my last 2 records out in Nashville. My latest release was recorded at Lamplight studios. The studio is owned and run by Chad Cromwell. Chad is Neil Young’s drummer. He also has played with Dire Straits and many other great acts. He was nice enough to let me come over there andhang out and record the basic tracks for my latest record called Underneath the Sun.

MV: How has your style evolved over the years. JB: I grew up near Detroit Michigan. When I was young the music there was a biginfluence on me. Detroit had great rock stations to great soul music and jazz. I started out playing in my uncle’s club around age 8 playing CCR, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash. Until the police would politely tell my dad and uncle I had to go because of my age. They would take me out the back door and my payment was anything I wanted to eat. It was great training. I then startedplaying anywhere I could, weddings parties etc. My dad was really supportive when it came to my music. Around age 11, I got the chance to play on Detroit’s local telethon hosted by Soupy Sales. That was a big deal back then. Then I got an offer to play with Sonny Freeman, BB King’s drummer. That was a great experience. The Pips from Gladys night and the pips would come over and watch us rehearse.

I moved to California when I was 19. I lived in the East Bay for many years playing and recording with a lot of great artists. Such as Drummer Chester Thompson for Genesis and Frank Zappa. Sax man Pee Wee Ellis, played with James Brown Various players with Santana and Many others. I have also opened for many great acts. Now I am mainly playing and writing my own music. I am really into being a published songwriter. I have had 2 of my songs from the last album on CBS The Young and the Restless. I also have music that gets frequent airplay all over Europe. I am still pursuing more publishing opportunities. More of a singer songwriter style. Hopefully I can get the local stations here to play my music as well.

MV: You have a big reputation for serious blues, but your new CD has really branched out with really catchy songs. What were you trying to say in your new songs? JB: I have always been all over the map as far as music goes. I still try to keep a little blues in what ever I do. These songs are basically about the Human Condition Lyrically, like the Blues. The music is in more of a rock direction. This gives me a little more freedom to go wherever I want to. I love the blues and I love the challenge of writing a 3 and a half minute song. That has a good chorus and a strong melody and a heart felt message. That’s where my head is at now.

MV: Do you like Acoustic or Electric music better? JB: I love both. The Acoustic is like walking in the country and the Electric is like driving a race car with attitude.

MV: Who would you most want to share the stage with? JB: Right now it would be with Ben Harper or backing up Brett Dennen, or SherylCrow.

MV: Where can people buy your music this very second when they put down this interview? JB: My music is available at ITunes or Amazon .com. Please also visit my website for information and Dates. I would personally like to thank everyone who has come out to the shows and supported me as an artist.

ModestoView Music Review By Chris Murphy>

Joe Barretta has been making amazing music for years around here and he has just released a CD that is very well recorded and produced. He recorded it in Nashville with some of the most experienced people in the business. But best of all, there are some really catchy songs. After all, it is really about the songwriting. Cool verses, and really memorable choruses, Joe has really deliveredsomething that is really artistic, but a the same loaded with songs you want to hear over and over again. I really liked the song Down this Road which is a perfect driving song and Find Your Placewill make you hit replay over and over. Download this album today at today.

> CD cover.



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