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InterView – Open Your Heart for Jane Seymour

Open Your Heart to Love
Jane Seymour
By Chris Murphy

From young British ballet dancer to her first key role in Young Winston to a celebrated remake of East of Eden and then as a Golden Globe winning Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour has been blazing trails throughout her career. Besides her talent both in performance as well as art, Ms. Seymour dedicated much of her time to helping others, and assisting organizations that assist those in need or crisis. She created the “Open Hearts” design that now has become a symbol of giving and openness and this year, becomes one of the symbols of the American Heart Association Wear Red Campaign. She will be the keynote speaker of the Go Red for Heart event in Modesto at the Gallo Center for the Arts on May 11 & 12

We were fortunate to connect with Ms. Seymour and learn a bit more about her contributions and future plans.

ModestoView: When did first realize that you had fine art talents?
Jane Seymour: I used to draw as a child and I loved to paint in high school. In fact, I could have gone to college for art, but I didn’t. I started painting seriously after I went through a terrible divorce when I was 40 and lost everything, my house my money, everything. I was given some free art lessons by a gentleman who had donated his time and I later commissioned a drawing of mine as a donation. He taught me basic color techniques and after that it was my favorite thing to do. I was in a book called Actors to Artists and was then involved with private issue Discover card where they asked me to paint for Discover card and 3 of my paintings were shown at the Guggenheim. One of my paintings on the credit card was sold for 25 thousand dollars and that money was donated to the Open Heart Foundation. I realized that painting was something that I could do everyday for myself. I didn’t have to wait for someone to hire me, it was something that I could do for myself and it was very healing for me. Also, it can help raise funds for important charities and highlight important issues.

MV: Your path has been amazing, what was one of your most memorable moments on film?
JS: I’ve had so many it’s hard to pick but obviously Dr. Quinn, Somewhere in Time and War and Remembrance because I spent 9 months shooting that film and in many ways it depicted WW2, which both of my parents were very much involved in. Also, Wedding Crashers gave me a whole new career using more of my comedic skills.

MV: Is there a role that you have done that you would love to reprise?
JS: Maybe Dr. Quinn. But I’m much older now so it’s hard to reprise.

MV: How does it feel for you know that your Open Heart art has been such an inspiration for so many?
JS: It thrills me to feel that somehow I came up with a universal symbol of giving and receiving love that helps people understand challenge in life and to accept and let go of the negative things in life and use their experience to reach out to help others. I feel that life is about the journey of life and how we grow, and we grow from adversity and challenge and the Open Heart message really speaks to that.

MV: With Dancing with the Stars, you were able to fulfill a dream from your early dancing days, what is another dream you hope to realize?
JS: I have to learn how to sing and play a guitar! I’m currently filming a pilot called His Wives and Daughters where I play a country music star. I am going to start taking lessons soon and even if it isn’t my own voice or guitar used in the series, I’m going to do it just for myself.

MV: What message do you send to women when it comes to heart smart living?
JS: First, stay closely intact with your cardiologist take the test, take the meds they tell you take and the advice they give you like meditation and eliminating stress as much as you can in your live also heart healthy exercise and heart healthy foods. I personally love blueberries, almonds, pistachios, fast walks on the beach and I love to mediate as well and sometimes I paint which puts me into a meditative state.

MV: What is something that you want the people of Modesto to know about you after this event?
JS: I would like to share my passion for giving back and spreading the Open Heart philosophy. That is why we started the Open Heart Foundation. I want to empower other underserved charities to do the same. I would love to create ambassadors throughout the world that embody the open heart message. I really believe that each of us in our own way can make a difference in the world with our unique abilities. I am fortunate enough to have a celebrity platform that allows me to convey messages that I believe in.

MV: What is next for Jane Seymour?
JS: As I mentioned, I am currently filming a new pilot for CMT network called His Wives and Daughters. Also, I recently finished filming the movies Bereave Me Not, Mistrust and Praying For Rain. Besides my acting career, I have a fulltime design business. The most exciting upcoming events are a new home collection with Michael Amini and an Open Heart fragrance to launch on Mother’s Day.

MV: What do you think about the fact that Modesto is the home of George Lucas, American Graffiti and Star Wars?
JS: I’m very happy to be there. I am such a huge fan of his.

MV: Our traditional question for all of our interviews; Beatles or Stones?
JS: Beatles. Beatles. Beatles.

For more info on this event:
Thursday May 11, Wine Dinner with Jane Seymour – Gallo Center
Friday May 12, Go Red for Women Luncheon and Shopping and Health Expo 10:00 – 3:00 Keynote lunch with Jane Seymour – Tix $75
For sponsor and ticket questions, Katie Malone 209-598-8220



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