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is very excited
to feature a very
special friend returning
to the art
scene. Well, he
never really left,
but it is time to
introduce him to
a new generation.
John Coito was famous for drawing
everything and everyone when I was in
high school and college in the 70s and
early 80s. John grew up in Modesto and
was a Modesto High grad in 1961. He
is brilliant and would draw everyone
and has an amazing eye for accuracy
and caricature, which is a very keen
skill. Quiet and reserved, John was an
amazing pool player and made a living
on the circuit for a while. He was
sogood, he was called “the Teacher”.
He graduated from CSU Stanislaus in
1967 with an art degree and became a
real teacher. He started drawing for local
advertisements, maps, and promotionalmaterials.
He has drawn the famous
and the movers and shakers over
the last 40 years. His serious drawings
are amazing and few draw animals
like John Coito. It
is now time for the
new generation of
movers and shakers to
finally get their “Coito”.
I got mine, and
now you need to
get yours too.
You will see
new Coitos in
ModestoView every month.
To reach John for serious or caricature
portraits or any other kind of
John Coito –
or johncoito@



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