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MAMA View By Jill Ferris and Nic Padilla

Nic and Jill’s Infinite (Local) Playlist Hello everyone!! So spring is pretty much on us and with that tour season is in full swing. This is the best time of the year to catch some awesome out of area talent right here in l’il ol’ Modesto. Also with the weather changing I for one always get pre Xfest jitters! Speaking of Xfest that brings me to my first artist because I saw them put on the performance of their local band career at the Xfest battle of the bands last month… Fallen Short – Pop/ punk – “Same Old Story” One of my favorite parts of being a promoter is seeing bands develop and come into their own over time. Fallen Short has become the power house band they are almost overnight! They might be small, only a three piece, but don’t be fooled they have the talent and heart that any band would dare to dream for. Their feel good pop/ punk sound along with their live show, that is very reminiscent of one of my favorite local bands Peaceable Jones, will have any crowd singing along, strumming along or jumping up and down begging for more. These guys are on a fast track to success! Come see them along with bay area punk rockers The Pounders this month at the Fat Cat. Stop Motion Poetry – pop/ alt-“ Head Over Heels” This four piece is not only making waves here in Modesto but also all over! Renowned songwriter Jeff Cohen (The Band Perry, Sugarland, The Spin Doctors) said, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.” He also co-wrote a couple of songs with our local boys including “Madness is Modern” which can be found on the soundtrack of Universal Pictures’ Mental. Stop Motion Poetry consists of three brothers, Clark, Devin and Spencer Beggs also guitarist and a local favorite in his own right Jian Salcedo. This band has big things planned including a tour coming up here soon. Catch their tour kick off at Sand Bar on April 12th! Come see them while you still can right here in Modesto! Ben Phelps – indie This guy is still fairly new to the Modesto scene but he is taking it by storm! He is a great song writer that also has the ability to play with just about anyone and keep his originality and sound completely intact. His soft indie/ pop sound makes you want to know him and hear more of his stories that his songs tell. He has the rare ability of showing his soul through his music. There is nothing but true artistic talent with this musician, I look forward to seeing where he goes with it and so should you! Check him out Level 12 – Hard Rock/Soul Metal – “Sphinx” After being out of the music scene for almost two years, Level 12 is quickly making a comeback, making a name for their selves as one of the hardest hitting rock bands in the area. They have all of the elements of a powerful rock band, and in abundance – Freddie in the front demanding your attention with the meaningful lyrics of every song, the tight controlled guitars and bass playing, and steady pulse of the drums. They are a must see live also, with an energetic show that has the whole crowd singing along and begging for more. They opened for Otep in March, and have quite a few killer shows coming up. You can catch them next at Sand Bar in Modesto on April 18th with Track Fighter and Six Weeks Sober. Check them out on Facebook –

Galvaneyes – Metal – “Let Me Burn“ Not your “traditional” metal band, Galvaneyes rocks a style all their own. With the powerful voice and presence of their front man, hard hitting drums, energetic guitar riffs, and one of the best bass players in Ca, these guys are definitely a band to look into. Their sound has been described as “…a wide range of metal styles where one section may have some nice melodies and vocal harmonies, but then they’ll get into a gritty crunch that sounds like someone pushing your face into a wall…” Definitely one to catch live, as their performance is in your face with power and energy, they demand your attention. You can check them out next at Yosemite Lanes in Modesto on April 27th with KLANK and Death Under Fire. Check them out on Facebook –

Track Fighter – Rock/Hard Rock – “Revenge” Rocking out of Sacramento, the 2012 SAMMIE (Sac’s MAMA equivalent) Outstanding Hard Rock Winners are doing big things again this year. I have been a fan of their music for quite a few years, and am so glad they have started playing in Modesto again. Definitely one of the best rock bands in our area, they bring a solid performance full of energy and catchy tunes, and are a lot of fun to hang out with before and after they play. They have done several tours on their own, and have shared the stage with some of rock’s most powerful bands – Trapt, 10 Years, and Papa Roach to name a few. Not many bands are able to sound as good live as on their cd’s, but they pull it off with a natural feel, and make it look easy. Their live show is impressive, with their front man’s amazing stage presence and powerful lyrics; he demands your attention while his band rocks your faces off. Check them out at Sand Bar in Modesto on April 18th with Level 12 and Six Weeks Sober. Check them out on Facebook –



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