MAMAView: Spotlight

MAMAView: Flashlight
By Middagh Goodwin

Recently Modesto has been in the National spotlight and for good reason. Effie Passero aka Francesca Bavaro had been tearing it up on the newest season of American Idol. Effie did not make the final cut before America got a chance to Vote but an average of 8 million viewers watched her over several weeks as she competed for a Top Spot.

25 years ago we would have had A&R guys setting up camp in Modesto to see who was the next big thing. In today’s music market, you can’t expect record companies to be combing through the open mics and dive bars like they used to when an artist would get this kind of attention. But that doesn’t mean every local performer couldn’t leverage being from Modesto to increase their own visibility and presence on the web. You have a limited window of time for this though.

Make sure you brand your posts and use #Modesto or #ModestoUSA so when someone does a search you pop up on their radar. Post a song or a video of an original song so you have something out there now. Make sure you have all your social media accounts up to date so if someone new discovers you and likes what you are doing they have an easier time following you.

The Modesto Area Music Awards are going to be here sooner than you think and creating a presence online, keeping your calendar up to date and of course having current contact info are all key things we look for. We want to help you promote your gigs by adding them to the ModestoView Calendar, sharing on Facebook and Instagram and adding them to our Top 10 lists. Make it easy for us and your fans to know where you are playing and what you are doing.

Email and make sure you add your contact information, name, phone, email, the genre so we can have it in our database. As always if you are doing an event and need entertainment get in touch ModestoView and the Modesto Area Music Association can help connect you to the right performer from Jazz/Blues and solo performers to Comedians and Cover Bands. We book entertainment for Music in the Plaza, Modesto Art Walk, Rockin’ Holiday, The Sampler and Patio-Fest.



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About the Author:

Middagh Goodwin LIVES Music. He has been booking and promoting Music, Art and Comedy for years in the Central Valley. He ran the award winning Plea for Peace Center in Stockton for 5 Years and has booked bands from A-Z. Middagh is beginning 2016 with a new position at the Gallo Center for the Arts and celebrating Beat Happy! Music's 30th Anniversary. Read the MAMAView every month and a the Needle Drop 52 Records 52 Weeks.