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MetalView – Adopting As Our Own

209MetalView By Mike Vanek

Adobting as our own and someone who really cares…

Hi there friends and neighbors it your old friend Slaytanek Mike Vanek here with 2 topics this month. First I would like to talk about a band that the Modesto metal scene has really adobted as our own. That band is Brutal Innocence from Los Banos CA and they are just that inocently brutal! Team Brutal hails from the small town of Los Banos and there isn’t many options to play so many times like many other bands in small towns you need to raech out. Brutal has reached out and has become a valued member of the local Modesto scene. This band busts their buns when it comes to local metal driving here to Modesto not just to play shows but they all pack into their caravans of cars and head to Modesto to support their friends in the scene at other shows and they travel to the towns they play to promote their shows like your supposed to do!! This band brings sets to play on and full dressed costume at their shows and with a wheel chair bound massive guitar attack matched with a power groove rythym section that is complimented with wicked female vocals this band is the band to see in 2014 and have worked hard to reach that staus so I command you to go see Brutal Innocenece next time they come to town.

Finally before I go I need to mention someone else who has adopted our scene as her own. Her Name is Sylvia Spinnakers and she has made a dive bar nobody like playing at to the home of Central Valley Heavy Metal. Sylvia loves her bands!! She even had Dying Image come to her house to play her sons birthday party. She really makes the bands feel important and shows support for than almost any bartender ever has in town with the exception of a few Fat Cat legends. When a band comes to play at The Spin they are welcomed by a smile and a positive attitude and in this bussiness that is few and far between. Speaking for my friends that have expressed this opinion the scene could use a few more people like Sylvia Spinnakers who go outta their way to support local metal on a daily basic especially when they do not have to!! Go see Sylvia Thurs-Sun at Spinnakers 2031 Yosemite Blvd Modesto (Next to the awesome burrito shop)

Thats all for me this month as always… KEEP ONE FOOT IN THE GUTTER AND ONE FIST IN THE GOLD!!!



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