MetalView: Rob Zombie

This month I had a few things to talk
about. But first I must talk about a good
thing coming up a lot in conversation.
There are a lot of great promoters here
in Modesto doing great shows at venues
like Seasons, Spinnakers, King Kabob,
& of course the Fat Cat Music House in
Lounge!! Every band and or promoter
in town has a Facebook these days and I
suggest looking some of us up because
we are all putting on great shows this
summer. A few are always linked on
my Facebook
Next thing in the news this month
was Rob Zombie at the Fat Cat…I did
a full Video Blog of the show and it
was amazing. Please add my YouTube
channel 209Productions1 or follow
this link and experience it yourself!!!
A huge topic this month in the metal
community is the roster of metal bandsplaying
at X-Fest 2011!!! For the first
time in many years Mr. Chris Ricci did
the right thing and booked a few of the
best metal and rock bands for their very
own stage presented by Sin Cal Industries
in Riverbank!! When asked how
much it meant to them, Jojo & Chuck
of Nothing But Losers said “We are
stoked! It’s the coolest thing that has
ever happened to NBL besides playing
the MAMA awards last year!” Austin
of Through the Threshold said, “We are
grateful for an amazing opportunity and
we are super stoked!” This is a really
big deal for us metal heads and we can’t
wait to bring the metal back to X-Fest



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