MJC Reading “A Letter from Birmingham Jail”

A Public Reading of “A Letter from Birmingham Jail”

(Modesto, CA) Recognizing the 50th anniversary, Modesto Junior College will have a free public reading of “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” written by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Tuesday, April 16 at 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on the East Campus Quad.

The Civil Rights Movement’s Birmingham Campaign dramatically exposed the raw brutality of racial prejudice and helped awaken America’s conscience to embrace an historic change. Dr. King was among the first to be arrested. In jail, on April 16th, 50 years ago, he began writing this brilliant statement that captures the best in America’s values. All over America and throughout the world, people will be gathering in schools, libraries, churches, and public places to commemorate Dr. King’s message.

The event is sponsored by the MJC Civic Engagement Project, the Literature and Language Arts Division and the Black Student Union. Campus parking passes are $1 and can be obtained at various ticket dispensers located in the student parking lots.




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