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Modesto is #1

May Cover Photo – Future pro racer, Lakewood School student Madeline Smith leading the Amgen Tour in to Modesto!

Lakewood School Student Madeline Smith races in the Amgen Tour

Modesto is #1

The world is watching Modesto, USA.  May  is such an exciting month here in Modesto.  Everything seems to get into gear during May. The restaurants put out their outdoor patios, the crowds are bigger on the weekends, the Farmer’s Market is jumpin two days a week and sprouting all over the county.  Everything feels like it is in bloom, growing and exploding.   Not only will the Amgen Tour of California be speeding into our downtown followed by  a fleet of international press, but Suzy Powell is throwing her discuss into fame and our local hometown heros like Jeremy Renner get more famous and the Oakdale Chocolate Festival celebrates our locally made chocolate .  World famous CEO Dan Costa shares some of his thoughts and is proof positive that Modesto can be home base for the leading companies in the world.  May is the lead up month to our Graffiti Summer and the classic cars come out of the garages, get all shined up, the Elvises (Elvii?) start singing, the 45s start spinnin’ and everything seems to shine like a beautiful chrome hood ornament after our amazingly wet spring.

It is so cool when Modesto gets that international flavor. Walking through the Amgen Tour lifestyle festival, you can go from language to language, all the while our common dialog of the day is cycling.  On May 17, Modesto USA will be the center of the cycling world as websites, webcams, newspapers, cycling fans and TV reports will all be broadcasting out of downtown Modesto surrounded by our massive helping of Modestocana that graciously welcome our guests from around the world.  Modesto will be home base for the teams and the race staff this year and pro rider sightings should be common.   The press and our visitors are excited to know that the Tour of California cyclists will be riding on the hallowed Historic Graffiti Cruise Route.   We are truly a special stage on the Amgen Tour.

Modesto is a special city with a unique historic heritage and a wide open and creative future.  See what the greater Modesto area has to offer this month and enjoy spring in our community.



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