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Modesto On Ice is Here!

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The Winter Season just skated into town at high velocity on Saturday, November 21st with the public opening of “Modesto On Ice” skating rink.

Located in the heart of downtown Modesto on on the corner of K and 12th Street, the rink is 120 x 70 feet. It is also made of real ice under a covered tent. The rink marks the first time Modesto has had an ice rink in nearly 40 years.

Families can purchase their ice time, including skates, in 90-minute long sessions. The rink allows for up to 160 skaters at a time. Each session is $12 for adults on weekends and holiday hours ($10 on weekdays/non-holiday hours) and $10 for children ($8 non-holiday hours).

The skating rink will be open through January 24, 2016. So head out and slide, skate or slip around on the ice.

For more information visit the Modesto On Ice website.




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