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OK GO! Live at the Fillmore

OK GO at The Fillmore
By Efren Martinez

Another brilliant performance by OK GO on November 2nd in San Francisco.
My wife and I, as well as a full house of fans, enjoyed the show. Damian, OK Go’s lead singer, made it particularly up close and personal when he directly stepped off the center of the stage and walked through the concert goers, only to set himself up in the center of the venue to give the crowd a solo acoustic experience. The fans loved it, but with a smiley grin, the band’s manager sort of cringed telling me he’d prefer for him to stay on stage. Besides that, for the band OK GO, it’s all about the fans and the music they enjoy performing.

A couple years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing the band for your Modesto View, but wasn’t able to attend their last tour of shows in the Bay Area due to a previous assignment. On stage this time around the band brought out two huge video screens that were setup behind them and with each song performed, they had some very cool visual effects along with scenes from their music videos. Then there was the endless confetti.

In all the shows I’ve ever attended, I’ve never seen so much confetti being blasted out of cannons that were setup on both sides of the stage. By the end of the show, confetti not only covered pretty much every inch of the floor, but it was also found in my camera bag and in my shirt. You’d think it might have been somewhat of an overkill, but it wasn’t. In fact each time the confetti cannon blew the crowd enjoyed it more than the last blast.

I’m thinking though, that the best part of the show was that I noticed many parents who had brought their middle school-aged kids to the concert. As a DJ who entertains at many schools in the other side of my life, it was refreshing to see so many youngsters feeling the positive vibe of OK GO’s music. This band is totally a plus when it comes to parents and their kids achieving the same level of coolness when it comes to music in an era where some of the music our kids are listening to can send the wrong explicit message. Not only that, their videos are at the very cutting edge of creative and entertainment and will amaze any music fan.

So here’s the skinny, if you’ve never heard OK GO, I invite you check out their website, facebook page and give them a listen on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify or any other music media listening outlet of your choice.

Cheers & Enjoy!
Efren J Martinez

Band Members
Damian Kulash
Tim Nordwind
Dan Konopka
Andy Ross

Los Angeles, CA

Record Label


The new album, Hungry Ghosts, is out now. Download it from iTunes now:



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