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PoetryView – Learning to Ride

Learning to Ride

—Sam Pierstorff

As a father, you never

want to push your daughter away,
but sometimes you have to

like when she’s six years old

and trying to ride a bike

without training wheels

for the first time,

and you’re running
as fast as you can

behind her, one hand

clenched to the seat

unable to let go

as her front wheel wobbles.

“Keep it straight,” you yell,

but she already knows.

Her shoulders tighten,

fists redden around the handlebars,

her eyes focused on the road ahead
unfolding beneath her tires,

one pedal-turn at a time.

You need to let go soon,

you tell yourself
as you loosen your grip,

feel the bike float away
from your fingertips
as she rides alone—

suddenly aware

she is on her own,

and that you

will always be

behind her.

Sam Pierstorff
Editor-in-Chief, Quercus Review Press
Professor of English
Modesto Jr. College
435 College Ave.
Modesto CA, 95350



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