PoetryView – Sincerely, the Sun

Sincerely, The Sun
by Sam Pierstorff, #NinjaPoet

I see you down there,
lathering your bare shoulders
in sunscreen like a baker frosts a cupcake.

You’re right to do so. The closer I get,
the more I burn, which makes people
afraid of a relationship with me.

These days, I’m hotter than ever,
so it’s your loss, really.

You can try to ignore me—
move to the Arctic in winter
or envy Bay Area folks
who are cooled by the coastal breeze.

But if you wanna know the truth,
I play favorites, and Modesto, you’re it.

You make me proud.
I am a spotlight, and you are the real star,
but don’t let the others know.

A mother would not want her youngest
to know that she favors her older kin
with their strong hands and penchant for helping.

I’m sorry if I smother you sometimes,
my heat trapping you indoors
with canoe-shaped ice cubes
gliding down your bare chest,
a ceiling fan hypnotizing you to sleep.

But this is the only way
I know how to love.

Sam Pierstorff
Editor-in-Chief, Quercus Review Press
Professor of English
Modesto Jr. College
435 College Ave.
Modesto CA, 95350



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