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QuakeView – Reform

What comes to your mind when you hear the word reform? Improvement, restructuring, modification,
change or even perhaps time off for good a behavior. Well, perhaps, if you just got out
of the big house. Let me lay it down for you this way, no long stretch, no big house but all of
the above and on your back on a Pilate’s Reformer. I recently paid a visit to Jessica Denegri,
owner and Pilate’s instructor at Core Fitness Pilates and Yoga Studio.

I met Jessica a few years ago at the

fitness club where she was a personal
trainer there as well as a Pilates Reform
Instructor. What caught my attention
about her was her amazing accomplishment
in fitness as well as her before and
after photos of her reformed hard rock
body. It’s true friends, the Reformer did
for her what so many have failed to accomplish
by other fitness means.
Being a retired Mat Pilate’s instructor
myself, I had never really given
the Reformer a fair shake. So, on one
Wednesday afternoon, I asked her to do
what so many trainers have never been
able to do, break me! Work my abs till
they are at the point where they are crying
for their mama. She proceeded to
put me on the Reformer and put my abs
through a hard-core workout. After my
session I must say, myabs never once
cried for their mama, but cried “Uncle.”
Yes Modesto View Readers I was sold.
“The Reformer” can help achieve not
only that 6-pack stomach quicker then
any other exercise machine, but also
helps me with all my fitness legs in a
Its no secret, having a strong core
will help you in any sport including,
golfing, basketball, football, soccer,
running, swimming and cycling.
What’s different from The Pilate’s Reform
verse a Pilates Mat session is you
get faster results from the Reformer because
of the external resistance from the
springs, pulleys, and straps as well as
having a professional personal instructor
so you do the correct workout. OK
fellows, here’s the skinny. You want to
be a better golfer, runner, and athlete
and yes, I’m putting it out there, lover,
then consider Pilates part of your workout
regimen and see fast amazing results
on and off the court within a short
period of time. Talk about a great way
to bond with your mate! It’s healthy,
sexy, as well as a wonderful time to be
together in fitness.
Please remember that muscle weighs
more then fat so most likely you will
see first results in inches lost rather than
weight. Holding a healthy weight is important
but also having a lean body is
equally important. If your still unsure
that Pilates Reformer may not be for
you, I invite you to give the Mat Pilates
class a try at your fitness center and go
from there. Still have questions, give
Jessica a call. Core Fitness and Yoga
Studio at 544-1144, is conveniently
located downtown at 1209 J Street in
Modesto for those of you who work
downtown and want to get in a quick
fitness lunch session or release some
work related stress. Walk your way to
the core of downtown and give it a try.
Jessica’s final thought, “I really believe
every person from the couch potato to
the endurance athlete can benefit from
Pilates. Pilates is in my opinion, one of
the best workouts for anyone! It’s so
low impact your joints will thank you
for it” Be fit and have fun in Modesto.



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