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Rockabilly View By Jennifer Allsup Unity Music Skate Jams, Skateboard competitions an Underground California Amateur Skateboarding team out of the Bay Area, Livermore Ca. to be exact!!! In 2003 Unity was a little old skate shop which consisted of doing skate competition, poetry slams and live music. Many well known skaters, record labels and musicians supported Unity back in the day, such as Tony Hawk, Thrasher Magazine, Dead Kennedy’s, Wild Records, Road Lords and Mark Gonzales. In 2007, Unity made a big jump to Modesto and changed Unity to more of a musical adventure, with founder Tony T. of The Pendletons and Tony T. and the Headhunters. In 2010 X-Fest had their first Rockabilly stage in Modesto andUnity Music was a big part in gathering all the bands to perform. This is where Tony T. met the love of hislife Miss Lauren, who is now the womanly-hand in the Unity Music adventure.Along, with their lovely lady street-team Valerie Gray and Lindsay Atkinson. Unity Music adventures in Modesto consist of “Day at the Altamont “ which, would be Mike’s Roadhouse Bar, it is an amazing little bar in the middle of the Altamont with the Modesto Throttlers car show and live music with DAM and the Pendletons. Also, Wreckin Rita of the Belladonna Beauties where in attendance. In June of 2011 right along with Modesto’s famous Graffiti Nights, Unity Music threw their first big show at Minnie’s on McHenry called “The Tiki Party” live Rockabilly, Pin-ups, and Classic Cars. Needless to say it was a huge success for Tony T. and Lauren. Look for it in June of 2012. You will not be disappointed! Tony said in so many words “They say when you retire from punk music, you jump onto a swinging grand time with Rockabilly”! Even though back in the day Tony T. and Lauren of Unity Music were huge Ska and Punk fanatics, rockabilly lives within their souls. Unity Music not only does “Rockabilly” bookings but would love to hook-up with other genres as well. Unity Music strives on supporting local talents and our community of Modesto! Tony T. and Lauren encourage you to contact them for shows near and abroad. Contact Information for “UNITY MUSIC” email : So, Swing a little Swing and we will meet up next month! Smiles, Jennifer Allsup Sweet Pea Knickers Productions 209-735-9682



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