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Whoot ! Whoot !

Yes Reverend Horton Heat will once again take the stage in Modesto on May 28th. Along with The (Secret) Hitchers out of Stockton with their Outllaw American tunes, Atom Age from Oakland will bring their country rock n roll. with VidaLee spinning all those jukebox specials. This is an all age show starting at 7pm $20 in advance $25@the door. It will be at The Brewhouse/Hero’s located at 821 L street.

Ready for fun fact about a verse in Eat Steak, a song from Reverend Horton Heat? Ever wonder what some crazy lyrics say? And you believe the words you are singing are the correct lyrics? I heard a funny one the other day. Here is part of the song that is most misheard : “Eat Steak, Eat Steak, Like the werewolves steer”. Actually the correct lyrics are “Eat Steak, Eat Steak eat a big old steer “. You can hear where “werewolf ” sounds like “big old ” right? I love finding fun facts. I would like to continue with a little trivia this month. If you can answer all seven questions correctly the first one to do so gets a peaceful treatment at “Peace of Mind”spa. Courtesy of Keile Holley owner and operated at the salon. With that in mind let’s get started:

Q#1: On what label did Buddy Holly have his 1st release? Q#2: Who managed to cover a version of “Ooby Dooby” that was released before Roy Oribson’s original was released on Sun Records? Q#3: On what label did the Everly Brothers, have their first release? Q#4: Which Rockabilly Hall of Fame guitarists and songwriter co – wrote and recorded the first hit version of “SuzieQ”? (Hint there are three). Q#5: What early Rockabilly artist wrote the song “Blue Suede Shoes”? Q#6: As a young girl during the depression, Wanda Jackson lived in what state & city? Q#7: What record company did Jerry Lee Lewis become apart of in 1956?

Remember the first to answer correctly on-line at Modestoview ‘s Facebook page wins a spa treatment from Peace of Mind Spa. Look for the Rockabilly question and post your answers.

Thanks for playing and see you at the Reverend Horton Heat Show.



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