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RockabillyView – Belladonna Beauties

Rockabilly View

By: Jennifer Allsup



Lights, cameras, pin-ups, hotrods, rockabilly and a true sisterhood.

Yes, the Belladonna Beauties a group of six stunning women making their mark as a social club that started in the Central Valley which now has extended to the Bay Area. This sisterhood started out in 2007 by the lovely Sophia Mendoza, with her passion for pin-up. She found Sarita Martinez a promoter of Psyhcobilly and80’s club music. When the two ladies decided to join forces together it sparked a fabulous sisterhood with dedication and passion within our subculture.


When I sat down with the Belladonna Beauties, I asked “What drove you to be so passionate about such an old genre of style?” Each one of us girls has the same taste for Pin-up, Rockabilly/Psychobilly and Classic Cars. With that our “Sisterhood” became a close friendship. If ladies are interested in becoming a Belladonna Beauty we start at “Prospecting” this could take up to several months and consists of working hard, have a positive attitude,ethics,good heart, time and most important common sense. Our motto is “QUAILTY NOT QAUNITY”In order to have the fabulous opportunity to wear the Belladonna Beautie jacket.


Your event Everyone Get Lei’d, how did that come about with three stages, pin-ups, classic cars etc..? Miss Sophia Valentine answered “Rita always threw her own birthday parties with bands. Once, bands got wind of what was going on it expanded into so much more then what we excepted to happen. It started out as a small event three years ago with hotel rooms for your crashing convenience.Everyone Get Lei’d went so well that we decided to move it to a bigger venue. More bands, pin-ups and car clubs wanted to be apart of the Belladonna Beauties Event. We had no idea what kind of success this would be. Our event has doubled in size and with growing support from the bay to L.A. Belladonna Beauties fans are our biggest supporters.


Lots of hard work and dedication to pull something so thrilling in the Modesto area. So. Keep you eyes and ears open for these Beauties for they will always be watching you.


The Belladonna Beauties consist of:

Sophia Mendoza a.k.a. Miss Sophie Valentine ~ President

Sarita Martinex a.k.a Wreckin Rita ~ Vice President

Cece Orozco a.k.a. Cece Demented

Marilu Mansilla a.k.a Miss Marilu

Leah Harrison

Celina Perez a.k.a Celina Pepina the Pineapple Latina


Contact and booking you can find these lovely ladies or



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