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Sonora’s Black Irish Band Releases it’s 25th CD album

Sonora’s Black Irish Band releases it’s 25th CD album on November 14th in Columbia, at the City Hotel

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The Black Irish Band will release it’s new 25th CD album, “Give us All Yer Whiskey” (Songs of hard-rock miners & hard-luck sailors) on Saturday, November 14th. The release party will be at the City Hotel in Columbia State Park, 8PM and cover is $10.00.   

This is a very special album release due to the core of the music being from the roots of the local Gold Mining region. Many of the songs, original as well as traditional, take the world to the front door of our 1800s History of California & Nevada.  The album is very up-beat and progressive for folk/Americana with some Pub-rock in there for good measure. 

The CD will also be released on Pandora and I-Heart radio for everyone to listen to it also. So check it out!

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Fun facts about the Black Irish Band
*Hometown: Sonora, California
*Formed on October 17th, 1989
*Music style: Up-beat Folk/ Americana Celtic-Italian (Songs of the historic working class)
*Original members; Richard Restivo, Patrick Michael Karnahan, Brian Moss, Chris Miller
*Current members; Richard Restivo, Patrick Michael Karnahan, Steve McArthur, James Dean Nelson,-David Rainwater/part-time)- Ken Darby (In Memorium)
*Total of music albums produced: 25
*Total music videos produced: 86
*Total music Cds sold to the public, physical/digital: 120,000
*Total original songs written and recorded: 96
*Total Youtube music video views: 1,018,018 
*Current CD album title: “Give us All Yer Whiskey”- Songs of Hard-rock Miners & Hard-luck Sailors)
*Performed at over 700 concert venuesband has a music channel on Pandora and I-Heart radio
*Bands offical web-site WWW.BLACKIRISH.COM



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