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Spring Rainbows

February is behind us, March is here, and spring is at our doorstep. The weather is changing, the sun is starting to shine more often, and our winter wonderland is giving way to spring rainbows. Spring brings new life with bright colors to enlighten our senses and energies. The changing season also means a necessary boost to our wardrobe. Floral print and bright colored pieces are a must this season. A popular 2011 Spring runway trend is mixing bright colors together to achieve the most extreme level of unique flair. These types of styles can be simple to create and easily found in our own neighborhoods.

Spring fashion is most popular for the endless variety of floral prints. One store that is stocked with floral designs is Affection Clothing, and the name says it all. Colorful, lacy, silky, flowing floral prints have filled the racks here. Affection definitely has the feel and style of Forever 21, but is a perfect locally owned alternative. It’s modern, colorful, versatile, and very reasonable. The styling associates do an amazing job of coordinating the best eye-popping jewelry, belts, pins, and scarves with trendy blouses to create fully accessorized outfits throughout the store. They carry super cute handbags, belts, boots, heels, sparkly costume jewelry, and more. This is a perfect stop to help you achieve a beautiful spring inspired wardrobe.

Affection Clothing, in Ceres on Mitchell Rd., Turlock on Countryside Drive, and Citi Wear is the original store in Modesto on McHenry.

Second Chance Consignment/Costume Corner

Second Chance Consignment/Costume Corner

Remember to wear green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and if you don’t listen then don’t be upset when you get pinched. (Just kidding!) Dressing up is always so much fun, its one of the best parts of celebrating. So, when Saint Patrick’s Day comes along I like to go all out with my green and clover inspired wardrobe.

When I think about dressing up, I mean really dressing up, I start imaging crazy costumes, outstanding makeup, and all the accessories. For this type of ensemble I run towards the professionals who specialize in unique costume creations. A great choice in the area is Second Chance Consignment/Costume Corner, I found Beth, one of the owners, very helpful. The masquerade style masques placed around this costume boutique remind me of past adventures in Venice. These masques are quality made, unique, and always mysterious. The store supplies hair color sprays, exotic eyelashes, beaded necklaces, boas, scarves, hats, wigs, and much more. They carry a huge selection of Ben Nye eyeshadow, body/face paints, special effects makeup, a good variety of glitters, and creme personal kits. The Ben Nye personal kits come in a wide range of concepts, fully prepared with special effects makeup, and easy instructions. They carry children’s size 6 to size 3x, in men’s and women’s, in most costumes and offer a student discount through high school. It is actually really convenient that part of the store is designated for women’s consignment because it makes it easier for complete characters to be constructed with extra odds and ends easily accessible.

Some of the most popular costumes rented out for the annual Fat Tuesday celebration are the Jester, Renaissance, High Colonial, 20‘s style Zoot suits, and Flapper dresses. are a hit. Beth can add in the themed Mardi Gras purple, green, and gold colors into each costume with accessories like masques, beads, jewels, glitters, and face paint to make an overall perfect ensemble. The St. Patrick’s Day costumes are adorable as well, perfect for Lucky Fest.

Second Chance Consignment and Costume Corner, Tully Road, Modesto



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