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The 31st Annual Soroptimist Community Christmas Tree is About to Open

A child, no matter their circumstance, deserves to live the dream of a “Magical Christmas Morning!” This is the gift of hope that we at Soroptimist envision for our children on the Soroptimist Community Christmas Tree at Vintage Faire Mall.

This year our Tree runs from November 19th to December 18th.
Visit us and shop for one of our children!
The majority of our children are asking for
warm winter clothing such as coats, shoes, and personal items…things that most of us take for granted.
We also accept Cash donations that allow us to purchase gifts for our children whose tags are not chosen by the public.

You can provide that Magical Moment on Christmas Morning that all children dream of!
The Soroptimist Community Christmas Tree is a 501(C)(3) non-profit

We also accept monetary donations at:
Soroptimist Community Christmas Tree
PO Box 1353
Modesto CA 95353


The project provides for opportunities to donate and participate in a gift giving program for disadvantaged Modesto youths, from birth to 17 years, and it is a true partnership of individuals, community and businesses.  As a direct result of this project, approximately 2700 youth in Modesto this year will receive Christmas gifts. For most of these children, the gifts they receive through this project are the ONLY gifts that they receive for Christmas.  For many of them,  it is their only opportunity to receive new clothing. It is also an opportunity for many of these children to receive warm coats, shoes and blankets, which are greatly needed, and to receive a new toy purchased especially for them! (All children in the family from birth to 17 years are included.)

 How Does It Work?

A Christmas tree and Kiosk are erected at Vintage Faire Mall, on the upper level directly above Santa’s Village.  Tags are placed on the tree with the names of the children. The tag indicates the child’s first name, age, male/female, clothing and shoe sizes, as well as a Christmas wish and a needed item. Several stores in the Mall offer discounts for items purchased for our children.  More information on these “Participating Stores” are given to everyone who selects a child’s tag  in addition to a list of shopping guidelines.

Individuals select  a tag and check  it out, like one would check out a library book, then shop  for that child and bring  the gifts, (unwrapped), back to the Kiosk with the tag. The gifts and tag are then checked in and matched up with our paperwork, and taken to our processing facility.  There, the gifts are wrapped by volunteers and stored until the referring agencies pick them up for delivery.  (Both the donor and child remain anonymous to each other.)

To insure that ALL of our children receive a gift, we accept cash donations from the general public and local businesses. These contributions are very much appreciated, as they are used to purchase warm clothing, blankets, backpacks, shoes and other items for those children whose tags are not chosen or whose gifts are not returned to the tree.



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