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The 31st Sonora Celtic Faire Hosts The International Ultimate Jousting Championships!


On March 10-12th, 2017, the Gold Rush community of Sonora, California will showcase the sights and sounds of medieval combat.


Tickets are now on sale! By going to the events website,, patrons can save big!  The Celtic Faire uses one of the most trusted event purchasing compaines for pre-sale tickets known as Ticket-River.  This years tickets savings are huge when done in advance. Patrons can save up to $5 when buying in advance:

* Adult all-day pass for Friday is just $20 * Senior & Military (Teen 13-17) $15 * Kid $10.

* Adult all-day pass for Saturday is just $25 * Senior & Military (Teen 13-17) $20 * Kid $10.

* Adult all-day pass for Sunday is just $20 *  Senior & Military (Teen 13-17) $15 * Kid $10

* Adult only VIP pass for all three days and includes one whiskey tasting and “Knights of Mayhem” party dance on Sat. $125.00

This is no dinner show or acting troupe trying to play make-believe, this is hard-core full contact jousting.  A sport that has had longevity surpassing football, baseball, and modern basketball combined. In fact the sport was practiced for 500 years and has reinvented itself in the 21st Century with modern extreme warriors at the helm.

Modern jousting features armored clad sportsman on large draft horses. The object of the game is to unhorse the other rider for maximum points. However, to do this requires a solid full-on hit, with a solid wooden lance. Unlike choreographed amusement jousting shows in Vegas , the unlucky rider is dislodged from his mount with sometimes painful results. This type of jousting is so extreme that only a few in the world practice it. Because of the fascinating nature of this ancient sport gone modern, National Geographic Television did a six part series about its competitors titled- “Knights of Mayhem”.

In 2011, the Sonora Celtic Faire was the set location for the second episode of the Nat-Geo show “Knights of Mayhem”. At the time, the reigning champion of hard-core jousting was Sir-Charlie Andrews. Years later, Sir Charlie is still up to defend his title at Sonora again. Charlie has made a recent statement that he will defend his title against all challengers in the rain or snow if need be! At the 2017 Sonora event, the public will be able to enjoy the sporting event from an arena that is 70% covered from the effects of mother nature, so rain, shine, or snow, all challenges will be accepted.

Jousting is not the only high-octane sport offered by the Sonora Celtic Faire. The venue will also host the “Battle of Nations”.  In this extreme sport it’s all about foot-combat. Fully armored Celtic Knights will battle it out using real metal weapons from the period. Sometimes bouts will feature one-on-one, and at other times it’s a full-on melee with up to a dozen knights banging it out!

If you’re into Celtic History, the Sonora Celtic Faire offers a window into the past, highlighting two-thousand years of it.  Patrons will get a chance to see a 1st Century Celtic encampment, marvel at Roman Soldiers ready to defeat the Scots.  Favorites include the Viking Raiders, Scottish Highlander camps, and a visit to the throne of Mary Queen of Scots. Every age will not be disappointed in the thousands of costumed living history performers.


Music has always been the driving force of Sonora.  Being that it was the very first Celtic Faire on the West Coast of America, Sonora has always been progressive with its Celtic entertainment choices. Featured bands this year include the ever popular Celtica & Wicked Tinkers. These two bands wrote the book on loud and in your face pipes & drums. It’s always a guarantee that when the downbeat hits with their brand of music, everyone it the place will be jumping with Celtic pride.

For the more traditional aspects of Celtic Music, featuring the Irish Harp and Fiddle, bands like Cooking with Turf, Molly’s Revenge, Golden Bough, Banshee in the Kitchen, Black Irish Band, will be there to soothe the Celtic spirit. For those that like motion with music, there will be numerous marching bagpipe bands around every corner with dancers in tow.

For those that like to shop, 2017 will offer the largest Celtic Marketplace. Hundreds of craftsman, artisans, and importers will all have the latest and most sought after Celtic gifts for sale.  Be it a kilt, musical instrument, t-shirts & hats, and traditional food items, Sonora has it!

For the wee-ones, special stage acts and venues will amaze and excite the heart & soul. The faire will feature a fire-breathing dragon, extreme magicians & juggling acts, a sword swallower, fire wizards, and a children’s story-book village with characters. The Sonora Celtic Faire offers something for every age and interest, from whiskey tasting and modern Scottish Clans to Celtic warriors battling it out in a large arena.

Rain, shine, or snow, the Sonora Celtic Faire and International Ultimate Jousting Championships will take place on March 10-12th, at the Motherlode Fairgrounds in Sonora California. Times: Friday March 10th 10am-7pm * Saturday, March 11th 10am-7pm * Sunday, March 12th 10am-6pm. A special dance party, in honor of the Knights of Mayhem, will take place on Saturday, March 11th from 7-10pm. Please check the official website for current ticket information.

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