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The MAMAs: Review by First Year Attendee

By Brianna Mooney
The Sixteenth Annual Modesto Area Music Awards, otherwise known as the MAMA awards, took place in the historic State Theatre here in Modesto Tuesday night. A night filled with talent, laughter, applause and wonderful recognition. This was my first year attending the awards and I was blown away by all of the outstanding performers we have in our area! We heard music from rockabilly, latin, metal, indie alternative, to hip hop. There was even a comedy section and performer. Our entertainment scene here is the Modesto Area is something we can be so proud of. I knew we had talent here, but I never realized how diverse it truly was until it was presented in front of me. The nominees (MAMAnees) and the winners of the awards were all chosen by voters online. Our community came together to recognize these incredible musician’s efforts that they should be so proud of. There were an astounding 23 categories for the awards including musicians, comedians, venues, and even promoters.

The winners are as follows; Best Rock: Clockwork Hero, Best Pop Rock: Josh Rosenblum Band, Best Alternative/Indie: Stop Motion Poetry, Best Punk Rock: Dandelion Massacre, Best Acoustic Singer/Songwriter: Mondo Mariscal, Best Rockabilly: GreaseHound, Best Metal Rock: Nothing But Losers, Best Americana: Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit, Best Blue Collar/Cover Band: Journey Revisited, Best Jazz/Blues: Big Earl & the Cryin’ Shame, Best Urban/Hip Hop: Diamond Dez, Best House DJ: DJ Daniel Mendez, Best Urban DJ: DJ Rid, Best Venue: Gypsy Shack, Best Restaurant/Café: Queen Bean, Best Comedy: Chris Teicheira, Best Large Event: American Graffiti Car Show, Best Small Event: ModStock, Best Latin Band: Mike Torres Band, Best Live Music Promoter: Ron & Doug’s Excellent Promoters, Best Reggae: KeepItLit, Best Youth Band: Cardboard Party, Lifetime Achievement Award: The Ratz. The winners were all so deserving. This experience was one I will never forget. It inspired me to push harder and that nothing is impossible. Modesto is an amazing place to expand dreams. Thank you to Chris Murphy and Chris Ricci for being wonderful hosts for the night, and thank you to all the supporters for making the night a possibility. Here’s to another great year of entertainment and music!



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