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Timmi-Kat Records Turn 20!

Moon Trent and David Cole’s Timmi-Kat Records Turns 20.

Amazing special tracks with contributions from Victor De Lorenzo (Violent Femmes) ft. MRS. FUN, Vokab Kompany, Uni and her Ukelele, Pansy Division, Phranc and Bettina Schelker, among others on this very special compilation. Super special bonus is a brand new unreleased track from Jason Lytle of Grandaddy called “Stereo Labrador” and of course, tracks from the irrepressible Moon Trent. Available at:

Track listing:


  1. Harvey Milk’s Message
    2. Femmebotz- Radio Song
    3. Fuzzbox- Pop Muzik (radio edit)
    4. Jason Lytle- Stereo Labrador
    5. Pansy Division- You’ll See Them Again
    6. Uni & Her Ukelele- I’m on My Way
    7. Vokab Kompany- That Day (original mix)
    8. Nadine the Band- Love, Your Stalker
    9. Spackle- Good Plan (2011 remix)
    10. Bettina Schelker- Solo Trek
    11. Astrovibe- Blues People
    12. The Slow Poisoners- Alligator!
    13. Zabrinski- Celwyddwalt
    14. Stuntman- Jealousy
    15. The Judybats- California
    16. Hugh- Goodnight, Captain
    17. Phranc- Tupperware Lady
    18. Moon Trent- Old School Dance (remix)
    19. Jeremy Ferrick- Comatose
    20. William Morin- Mi Razon Por Vivir
    21. Rachel Haden- I like Luci (demo)
    22. The Panduhs- Together
    23. Disappear Fear- Box of Tissues
    24. Victor De Lorenzo ft. MRS FUN- May I Help You?
    25. 5 Fingers- The Barking Song (from “Trailer Tapes”)




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