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To Kill A Mockingbird and More…


by: Kaye Osborn

 Atticus Finch is America’s favorite literary lawyer and doting father.  He emulates honesty, hope and racial equality.  To Kill a Mockingbird recently celebrated its 50th birthday.  Many theatrical groups are producing this timeless treasure including are own Prospect Theater.  The show will be performed at The Gallo Center for the Arts on May 13, May 14, May 20, May 21 and a matinee on May 22 which will be interpreted by Mark Medina for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.  The talented cast will amaze and astound you.  My husband and I are honored to a part of this phenomenal event. Scout, Jem, Dill, Atticus, Calpurnia, Miss Stephanie, Tom Robinson, Mr. Radley, Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewell, Mr. Gilmer, Mrs. Dubose, Heck Tate, Boo Radley, Reverend Sykes, Judge Taylor come to life right before your eyes.  It’s as though you were transported back to 1936 to fictional Maycomb County, Alabama.  By day, these performers are students, teachers, administrators, and retired community members. All brilliantly embrace and emulate their characters. To Kill a Mockingbird is directed by Jim Johnson with collaborative support from Modesto Junior College’s Ann Shanto, Teresa Nixon and Mardi Brewer. Many special touches have been added including Grace Worship Center Gospel choir and original music underscore by David Eakin.  Tickets are going fast.  Make sure you get yours today. 

Other Dramatic May offerings include:

May 1:  “The Ugly Duckling” Hans Christian Andersen’s tale about an outcast duckling

2 p.m. at The Gallo Center for the Arts. $8-15.

May 5-8:  “Hello Dolly” a classic musical performed by Modesto Christian School.

7 p.m. Thursday-Sunday, 2 p.m. Sat.-Sun. at The Gallo Center for the Arts $9-$15

May 13-May22:  “To Kill a Mockingbird”  a powerful story of a fight for racial justice

8 p.m. Fri.-Sat.  2 p.m. Sunday  $8-$15



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