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Top 5 Things to Do in Modesto

Top 5 Things to Do in Modesto
by Guest Writer Tasha Williams

In passing conversations, on any given day, there are lots of cities being discussed. At times, people say good things about those cities and at other times, you only hear about the bad. But no city bears the brunt of the “boredom jokes” more than our very own, Modesto, California. It saddens me to know that many outsiders consider Modesto to be a “boring city” with absolutely nothing to do. Well today, my Positive People: YOU CAN SMILE! I am putting my best foot forward in an attempt to squash those long-standing, horribly inaccurate explanations of this beautiful place both you and I have more than likely spent most of our lives!
Sure, Modesto is definitely not San Francisco, Oakland, or Sacramento, but there are still fantastic things to do here! I could go on and on with my own personal ideas about what there is to do here in our city, but instead, I have asked around in our local community. . . Now, after tallying up the responses to my simple question: What is the best thing to do for fun in Modesto, California? Here are the “TOP 5” results from my poll (in no particular order):
1. State Theater: Great films, (mainstream and independent) are shown here in an upscale, fancy atmosphere.
2. Rock-N-Jump: This is a jumping palace of sorts for kids to go and jump high into the sky while letting out lots of laughter and ending their time tired enough to sometimes fall asleep and allow you grab that little bit of alone time that you’ve craved for all week long!
3. Great Valley Museum: This museum is located on Modesto Junior College’s West Campus. For under $6 per person, both children and adults can come and view real animals, (including bears and lions), that once walked the earth but are now preserved through taxidermy.
4. Escape Modesto: Known also as a “Panic Room” is a place where a couple or a large group of people can go into a room and try to solve clues in order to “escape” before their hour is up!
5. Bikeways (Trails): For those of you who are into fitness with a gorgeous view, there are many bikeways in Modesto where you can exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Modesto is beautiful and filled with culture! This is a place to make friends with strangers, as people are genuinely friendly to one another. Vacations and travel time should be planned around our city! There are plenty of things to do here so why not breathe it all in? In fact, I would bet my last dime that there is someplace new you could visit TONIGHT, right here – in our very own city!
Let’s love our Modesto!
Let’s embrace our Modesto!
Let’s continue to spread our smiles in Modesto!
C’mon Positive Peeps – IT’S WHERE WE LIVE!



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