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Tresetti’s Fat Tuesday

Tressetti’s Madri Gras Sin City
By Efren Martinez

It was a block of outrageous fun, accompanied with loads of music and half-dressed female dancers on stage to tantalize the imagination. Even some of our own Modesto men got into the act as they showed off their beautiful shirtless muscular bodies and danced. Carnival costumes were the norm and if you had a hula-hoop and boots with the fur, then you fit right in.

I personally had the pleasure of being the Modesto View Pirate for the parade float. As many of you know I don’t drink, or sin for that matter. “Ya right!” you say. Ok well, I don’t drink, but I am always able to have a good time without including alcohol as long as I have my Pirate hat nearby. Regardless of that, the spirits were flowing with a variety of DJ’s, Bands, Flame Throwers, Wrestlers, Drag Queens, Go-Go Dancers and great food.

The night was perfect for those who preferred to laugh with the sinners instead of crying with the saints before the start of lent.

Big thanks going out to The Modesto View Crew! The Modesto View parade float was awesome and so was the coverage of this fun annual event.

Modesto View Crew:
Efren Martinez, Blia Vang, Brandilyn Brown, Mike & Jennifer Allsup, Ruben & Nicole Porras, Michael J. Mangano



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