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Center Stage Conservatory By Kate Serpa Photo by Philip Johnson Photo

Megan James & Traci Sprague

Live theatre is probably not your number one choice for weekend entertainment — understandable.

Theatre is something reserved for weekends in the city and trips to the Gallo Center and isn’t as casual as, say, going to a movie. Au contraire, señor. Unbeknownst to me and a majority of Modestans, there are a number of very alive and forward thinking independent theatres scattered throughout downtown. I normally write the bar column in this fine publication, but Phil recently informed me of a hidden theatre downtown and their very fun upcoming events. Being the good, sometimes sober person I am, I took it upon myself to share the knowledge-wealth with you fine people.

Located across the street from Tresetti’s (last month’s featured bar) on the basement level of the legal building is Center Stage Conservatory — literally the most underground theatre in Modesto of which Traci Sprague and Megan James are the queen bees. “I think we have to train Modesto to realize there’s stuff going on here and to go out and experience it,” states Sprague. And with an ongoing season of shows, an expansive youth program, and the Rebels Without Applause improv group, there’s a lot to experience at CSC. And, for those of you who are interested in getting involved, auditions are open to everyone, no experience necessary. If you’re a local writer, Center Stage can host cold reads of your work to hear your genius read aloud/receive feedback on your work. And space is available to be rented out for any art-driven event you may want to throw. “We want to fuel the arts in the area,” says James; “and inspire local artists to continue to produce their work,” added Sprague.

And before I let you go, two more important points. One) CSC’s newest show, Mother Courage, is coming up in January and should be a fantastic production, and 2) Four words: Princess Bride Drinking Game. December 13 &14, CSC actors will be putting on an interactive performance of the classic film with beer to boot. Inconceivable? No, my friends — most excellent.<> Facebook Group Page: Center Stage Conservatory



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