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Representing your self the right way!

Weather you are looking for you or your group to be recognized, booked or shopping to record labels, it is very important to represent yourself in a professional manner. Do not assume that since we are in this music industry, that you can be unprofessional. Spell check your messages!

From experience, I suggest your presentation be professional. A sharp Promo Press kit is very important to have. Be creative, you’re not the only one out there looking to be booked or signed. The days of “Check out my music it’s dope” is not only played out, it makes you seem desperate. Make sure that the subject line of your email is “extremely important”. Make it clever and creative. Say “hello”, “please”, and “thank you” in every email. Make sure to include in your message links to your discography, social networking sites and any posted music, videos or press kit. You can also just gather this together in a document with a bio and some photos. Now you have a press kit!

Steer away from lying to promoters and organizations on units sold and bookings etc. Not only is you reputation on the line you will soon be burning bridges and lose contacts. If that does not work, maybe the person you are seeking isn’t interested at the moment. Never talk about them in a disrespectful mater and put them down. How does that make you look? Challenge yourself and take your experience with humility!

Personally at times when you may feel you have reached the end of your ropes, it seams miracles may happen. When your professional communication with others, networking and character gives you the edge, promoters and labels may contact you! For example in 2010, I was contacted and booked for XFest as The Fiesta boyz, as a local in Modesto and it was an honor. Now I am booked in 2 states as an independent artist. That being said, back to the representation, your music will set the tone, that’s if you have one at all.

This is Tru Luv Lopez and I’m off traveling starting in Sept. Stay tuned on truluvmusic.com This is the Urbano “Latinos Stand UP”



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