UrbanView – By Javier Lopez Hello everyone. I am on the road to Mr. Olympia 2013 in Las Vegas NV. Sitting passenger next to my brothers Beto Sanchez and Jesse Ramirez. Taking this time to reflect on this years’ journey. As many you may already know the yearly Modesto Music awards is back. Many believe this to be as important as many other national awards ceremonies. Many genres are represented in categories: Bands, Artists, Clubs, DJ’s and promoters all spreading the word so they may gather as many votes as possible. Once this is done we all gather at The State Theatre in Modesto. I will be co-presenting this years urban award. I would like to extend my invitation to anyone who would like to attend to log on and watch the event live on ModestoView.com. This year, I would like to see more public involvement. The ballots are up online and I will be posting my blog on each artist running for the award. Stay tuned on our website modestoview.com for more information on voting and event updates.

If you need some help, my Top 3 Choices for the urban category are: Domz Colbolt 45 P Ocean

Vote today at www.modestoareamusic.com



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