UrbanView By Javier Lopez Interview with Guda Mac.

TL: Let’s begin with respect to when did they start calling you Guda Mac? GM: I started calling myself Guda Mac in 2008. Everybody used to call me “baby boy” back in high school that they got from my mom. I started rapping at the age of 12 and I started the group “kolor blind souljas” in 1997. I got signed and found by McBride entertainment in 2009 after one of my shows and became vice president two years later.

TL: If I were to ask you what generation most influenced your current work, would it be 80s, 90s ect ? GM: I would say that because when I was made at, I’m an 80’s baby.

TL: Traveling must be a major part of your career; what do you miss back home when you are traveling? GM: When I’m traveling on the road, what I miss back home is mostly my mother and my kids. They’re very important part of my life.

TL: In my years of interviewing artists, I will have to say that your personality reflects your music to a T! What is it that inspires you? GM: What inspires me mostly is I can be myself in really the urban hip hop music culture that I was raised on like Michael Jackson, James Brown, E-40 & Mac Dre. They are my inspiration for the reason why I make music.

TL: I have a tough question for you? I follow you in media. I know you pay attention closely to your surroundings and what is happening in our country. A person such as yourself climbing the ladder in the business of making profit. What can you tell young America? Any inspiration or advice for progress in America during these hardship times?

GM: Keep working harder and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You gotta leave doors open and weigh out your options before signing over to profits to a major label. Independent labels like ours at McBride entertainment have ability to break new artists as fast as most major labels due to our connections in the business in our promotional budget without making an artist sign over all or most of their record sales publishing royalties like most major labels required artist to do.

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