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UrbanView – DJ Uniqu3

UrbanView –
By Javier Lopez

This month we catch up with the talented DJ Uniqu3 and check out some of the beats that make our local urban music come to life.

Javier Lopez: Tell me about your early beginnings when you got started?
DJUniqu3: When I was younger, my friends and I would go out and party on weekends. Since I had the best taste in music, I was usually the designated iPod player. A couple years ago, in 2012, I went over to my friend Daniel’s apartment where I discovered his DJ equipment. It wasn’t advanced equipment, but I’ve always had a desire to learn the art. I asked him to show me the ropes, and he did. From there I invested into my own beginner equipment. Eventually, I saved enough to upgrade all my equipment to what I use today. It was a blessing to learn from someone as skillful as him.

JL: Tell me about who you are?
DJU: I’m a Modesto man who acknowledges every blessing in his life. I have amazing friends and family who have been with me though all my ups and downs, not only with DJing but life in general. I’m currently in my last semester at Stan State pursuing my degree in Business Administration. From there I will be deciding where I want to attend graduate school. Regardless wherever I go, Modesto will always be my home.

JL: What drives you?
DJU: My mother. As a single parent she raised my sister and me on her own. She pushes me everyday to be the best I can be in my academics and everyday life. All the confidence I have today is because of her.

JL: Tell us about your travels?
DJU: I just got back from New York with Def Jam’s artist YG. Had the opportunity to see the most beautiful sights I never thought I would see. Aside from that, my networking has provided me with the opportunity to go numerous places and meeting people I never thought I’d meet.

JL: Who have you graced the stage with?
DJU: There have been plenty of concerts I’ve had some part of as a DJ, but the most notable being Summerfest 2014 in Turlock last June with YG as the headliner. I was put on for that through a friend of mine, Chris, who was already a part of YG’s group. Other than that you can say I’ve been a part of shows with artists like Sage The Gemini, Adrian Marcel, Eric Bellinger, MC Magic and others I can’t remember from the top of my head. Out of them all, I actually had the pleasure in meeting YG, MC Magic, Sage The Gemini and Teeflii. I can genuinely say I’m a big fan of Sage, the humblest, most down to earth guy I’ve ever met. He makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.

JL: Where will you find you next in 2015.
DJU: Where ever God takes me. I owe it all to him and my friends who believe in me more than I do. All this started as a small idea because I was tired of being the guy on the iPod at a party. Looking back today at everything I’ve accomplished in this journey I always tell myself “look what God did”. It was never supposed to get this far but it’s a blessing that it did and that I’m still having fun with it.



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