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UrbanView – DOMZ Highschool Hero

UrbanView – By Javier Lopez DOMZ “Highschool Hero”

There is a new kid on the block! Still in high school and fresh off the plate, This young 17 year old Rapper is making wave in the sea full of MC’s, not on the radio, but on the world wide web. Perhaps his 33,000 + hits on youtube ( crown him a local celeb? Perhaps this kid is looking towards a stretch of highway with much needed speed to keep up with the rest? Only time will tell!

“The Name” Domz had this to say: I released my first single “Baby Call Me” freshmen year and it got a lot of buzz. By the end of freshmen year a lot of people knew me and were blowing me up, I came up with my name because my name is Dominic and my last name is Dominguez, so I sorta just combined them both and came up with Domz, and since then I’ve stuck with it and grew.

“His ambitions” I don’t strive to get signed or make it big. The strive behind most of my music is simply because I love it and love how it has evolved my life into a local celebrity. I am constantly in public signing autographs and taking pictures with my supporters. My parents are sometimes in shock at how often it occurs but now we are all getting used to it and it is becoming part of my life to be recognized. As of right now I am focused on adding on to my fan base. I am constantly releasing new work to keep everyone in touch and up to date with what I am doing.

“The Music” My singles on YouTube are “Like you” and “Coming Home”. I self produced “Like You” the beginning of this year and it is currently hitting around 300,000 views on YouTube. All my YouTube views put together top out at 1,200,000 million. I recently released my second single “Coming Home” produced by Epid featuring Kris Kay of the bay area. That video hit 5,000 views over night and is currently growing at a steady pace of a couple thousand daily.

“The Album” “Highschool Hero” I came up with this name to show everyone I am still in high school and let them know I am making a name for myself at such a young age. A lot of the tracks on there are all self produced and mastered so it its hard and takes a lot of time to get the work done. It has been in production for about a year now. I have a wide variety of genres on this album and I am taking my time on it since it is my first album I want to make it perfect.

For more information on his upcoming Shows add the kid twitter @officialdomz instagram @officialdomz Facebook@dominic.dominguez.31

This has been and interview by TL. Follow me TLexusmusic@facebook Big Birth Day shout out to a friend and a brother “Jesse Ramirez” September 19



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