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UrbanView – A Word From Domz

UrbanView –
By Javier Lopez
Guest Column by Urban artist Dominic “Domz” Dominguez

Lately I’ve just been doing a lot of growing and maturing. I’ve been staying busy with recording and family. I met a lot of people through out my career and I’m proud to say I feel like I have the team behind me to take it to that next level. The city of Modesto where I grew up is far from the cities I’ve been blessed to travel to through my music. I feel like I need to get out and disappear for awhile to get out of Modesto and explore, not many people are blessed to travel so I always try to bring a few friends along to enjoy it with me. Let’s just say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. But all jokes aside i have to remember it’s all because of the music. Nobody can ever stop me and my team because no matter what I’m going to continue making quality music for everyone. Regardless if you hear my music on the first night I just hope eventually people get curious and look my name up on YouTube or sound cloud etc. I feel like a lot of people are making music now because they see first hand its possible. I just hope they understand its not all fun and games like they think it is. This business gets rough and sometimes I don’t think I can do it anymore but i always look back and remember everything i gave up for it so i cant. i would say me and music got a love hate relationship.

Since I was last interviewed, I dropped one project titled “Dear Dom”. I’ve been to Santa Cruz, Vegas, Reno, Bakersfield, Fresno, Sacramento and San Bernardino in the last few months.

I’ve grown a lot with my music and putting my emotions into it. I put everything I go through in my life into the music. So if I’m mad in my songs, I’m probably mad at some during that part of my life or if all my music is happy and jolly, I may be doing good. It’s weird now most of my fans are dudes and before it was more girls, I’m not tripping, I’m just glad they care.

I attend a acting classes a few times a week. I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, so why not? I relate most my acting skits to my verses because I have to memorize them and perform them. It’s basically like me performing at shows just in front of a movie set or a classroom of students. I like it a lot because it’s different from music but also creative.

Right now, I’m working on my new album “Dominic”. I want to title my next album after my first name because I want people to know me for Dominic not this “Domz” they see online or hear all this stuff about. I’ve been digging a lot deeper with this music. This past year was probably the hardest of my life and I grew from it. Everyone that really pays attention to my music tells me they can hear the growth in my music. I’m going to drop this next project straight to iTunes and see what the fanbase does. I don’t think I will have a release date; I might just drop it. I have most of it done and I’m just waiting for the right time. It’s all strategy in the game. Lets just say I might have shed a tear once or twice during the recording sessions, but it’s because music has my heart and always will I just feel like we need to work on our relationship. lol Stay tuned for “Dominic”.



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